I am a computer engineer who has always been more fond of interfaces than algorithms. After a few years programming robots I specialized with a master's degree in UX/UI.

I am currently working as a product designer at Elastic Heads, a studio in Malasaña. My day to day work covers from the first phases of research, divergence and technological cost analysis to prototyping, interaction, delivery to development and project management. I combine my day-to-day work with the world of training as a support teacher in schools such as Ironhack, Teamlabs and Mr Marcel. Besides organizing workshops of Figma or Notion. 

I believe that one is a better designer when one learns to explain complex ideas in a simple way in the style of Richard Feynman.

I am passionate about the world of mental models, cognitive biases and techniques to make better decisions. These are concepts that I consider useful in everyday life and design, as they allow for the development of more ethical and universal technology.

I was born in Ricote, a small town in Murcia. But I lived mostly my entire life in Murcia. I lived in Canada for a year.